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Internet of Things (IoT) has been identified as a potentially huge market for engineering technology. The field combines elements of electronics, programming, wireless communications and Internet services. It begins at the “things” or sensor level, work up to Internet services and finally to mobile applications. This is necessarily a broad sweep however its focus is more on the lower levels of the stack as this is the more natural home for electrical and electronic engineers.

The module comprises of 4 mini-projects:

Project 1: Development of an MCU measurement system or actuator
Developing programs for MCUs
Interfacing the MCU with external devices and signals.

Project 2: Remote control and data transmission over a wireless network
Working with wireless technologies: BTLe, LoRa, 6LowPan

Project 3: Storing data with an online service
The IoT hub: Working with embedded Linux. Using a scripting language such as Lua, Javascript or Python.
Using common data exchange mechanisms e.g. JSON
Addressing security concerns

Project 4: Data visualizion on a mobile device
Using rapid application development tools for mobile applications (e.g. Processing on Android)
Working with online data services

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Some of the stuff I've done lately

Project 2

For this project, the goal is to use Node.js on the Raspberry Pi to read data from an Arduino. The data will be structured and published as a JavaScript string to a Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) server. A subscriber will then read this data and convert it into a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) string.

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Project 1

Three videos showing the functionality of my first IoT Project. The source code for this project is available at the bottom of this post.

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